Seeking all Wanderers!

You! Yes, I am talking to you vagabond, traveler, adventure seeker!

I want to welcome you to Naturally Mk!

And I want to know..where you are going? A hike in the mountains to a secluded water fall or a hidden pool? Or to an area full of rich history or a haunted past. Where is your adventure? What have you been longing to see or to go?

As a child I grew up with a large family of six children. We grew up in the country riding our bikes through paths in the woods and connecting to neighborhood kids properties. We had camp-outs in the back yard with huge bon fires and all family and friends were welcome.

Mini Mk. Pisgah National Forest 1994.

So many memories of hide and seek in the dark (I was secretly terrified!), playing in the creek, and of glow in the dark basketball. We were wild, we were free. We could roam the land. We would build tree houses, we lived to play outside. The adventures we would have, the day dreaming on rocks heated by the sun. I loved lying on those rocks, planning everything from what I would be when I grew up to all of the places I would visit.

Crowders Mountain, NC 2016. I visited during the Fires of The Great Smokey Mountains and the smoke could been seen from hundreds of miles away.

Now as an adult, I am still afraid of the dark woods and I still daydream about the wildness of adventures I’d like to go on. I hope you will follow along as I share some of my adventures and hope you will share yours as well.

Drop a comment, send an email. I want to know what brings out your sense of adventure. Stay wild my friends! ❤

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